Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Individual Photos

June 14, 2001

1. A confused jumble or medley of things.

_6042040_edited-1 copy
Flow II by Mei-Ling St Leger

Exploration 1
Exploration I by Cathy Simms

Undulations by Becky Deady

Undulations Close-up

A River Runs Through  It and Green and Blue
A River Runs Through It & Green & Blue by Marcia Stice

_6042033_edited-1 copy
Pathways by Mei-Ling St Leger

_6042032_edited-1 copy
Darning by Sarah Butz

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gal*li*mau*fry Individual Works


1. A confused jumble or medley of things.

Enjoy these photos of the works shown at the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild show at the Main Library in Clearwater, Florida, now through August 28th.

Nine Patch by Davida Milne

_6042030_edited-1 copy_thumb[2]
Helping Hands Healing Hands by Linda Dawson

Its The Mix
It’s the Mix by Leslie Jennings

Passion of a Scarf
Passions on a Scarf by Mary F Silvia

A Secret Laanguage
A Secret Language I Once Knew by Jeannine Lyons-Williams

Prime of Life - Life Diminished
Prime of Life, Life Diminishes, a diptych by Linda Dawson

Heart of Mine
Heart of Mine by Becky Deady

Grandma's Button Box
Grandma’s Button Box by Cathy Simms

Rhythm by Mei-Ling St Leger

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild Member Show

1. A confused jumble or medley of things.

June 5, 2011
 Gallimaufary seemed the perfect word to describe the art works created by our Surface Design Guild.  We are a many faceted group of artists with one common goal.  We love to create.  Our works are done in fabric, clay, metal, paper, beads, or any other substance which grabs the creative eye of our muse.  Rather than a confused jumble of things we chose classify our collection of art as eclectic.
Journey along with us know as we bring you photos from our latest show, Gal*li*mau*fry – an eclectic display. See the show at the Clearwater Main Library, 100 N. Osceola Avenue, Clearwater, Florida now through August 28, 2011.
The pictures below are an overview of the show.  I will be posting additional photos of individual work during this week.  Come back and enjoy a close up of these works of art.

_6042029 copy_edited-1
Collage and Art Cloth

Art Quilts

Collage and Knitted Wall Hanging

Collage and Felted Scarf

Collage, Felted Wall Hanging and Art Cloth

Art Cloth, Knitted Wall Hanging, Collage

Crocheted Coral Reef

Copper Wire Jewelry

Felted Purses and Paper Pulp Bowls